Build a more customer-centric business

The fluff-free consultant you need to dial in your Professional Services, Customer Experience, Marketing, and Operations

Customer relationships can be tricky. They don’t have to be.

It all begins with a conversation. And, since we are all humans, let’s talk like it. No fluff. No jargon. No stodgy processes that feel cold and inhumane. We’ll talk it out and we’ll get super super clear about what you need to achieve and how you need it to feel.

Next, we’ll dig in to what *your customer* needs to achieve with your brand and how they need to achieve it.

With radical clarity and enthusiastic agreement on all outcomes, we can get to work.


Get clear about your goals and desired outcome.
Understand what’s working, what isn’t, and why.
Prioritize solutions that will actually get you (and your customer) to the outcomes you need, in a way that actually feels good.


Hi, I’m Leisa (“lee-suh”).

I advise entrepreneurs, CXOs, and marketing leaders using more humane customer experiences and business practices.

Based in Portland, Oregon, I’m often working/playing from a beach, river, back yard, or other naturally majestic locale.

I also work with my friends at Consolidated Living where we design homes for folks who dream of living smaller.

Sometimes I write for fun on my blog, EverythingIsLobster.

Ask better questions.

• How do I know what’s working and what isn’t?

• How do customers experience my brand?

• What are the programs, skills, and resources I *actually need* to hit my goals?

Get better answers.