Let’s talk like humans.

Hey, I feel you. You need a vacation, not another forty-seven-slide-marketing-report stuffed full of charts, acronyms, and “insights” that don’t actually help you improve your business.

You also need someone you can trust to be clear about what your customer-centric business should be doing now, next, and later to achieve your goals.

Leisa Hall

I’m Leisa,

an independent management consultant who’s been helping other good folks do smarter digital marketing & customer experience for 15 years.

We could work well together

if you need guidance on what to do next, whether you need to find customers online or for those folks to just have a better experience with your brand.

You might be an online entrepreneur, a well-funded SaaS startup, a small to mid-size marketing agency, or similar service-based business.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk.


Be clear about goals, desired outcomes, and how we’ll get there. It’s important that it feels like a success.

Be flexible and work with our unique goals, skills, and resources, not getting stuck on “best practices” or what others do.

Simplify and humanize how we communicate with folks so it feels more clear and less stressful for all involved.

Expertise without the fluff. Fresh ideas. Clear insights. Problems solved.

Digital Marketing

Brand clarity and customer messaging

Customer experience and culture

Team and capabilities

One-time packages from $500. Monthly from $2,500.

It can be two things – cheap, fast, or good – but never all three.


Need better insights? Wanna talk about working together?

Let’s do a free 30 minute consultation.

Style Collaboration

No matter our home’s size, or whose name is on the title, it should be the space where we feel our most relaxed.

I stick with the same consulting approach when I work with folks to up the style, usability, and comfort of their personal spaces.

I joined up with my friends at Consolidated Living to offer this new service, but it’s something I’ve been doing for a long time: making living spaces more beautiful, usable, and relaxing.

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