Everything is Lobster

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I think about the lobster a lot. Not about eating it, necessarily. (But definitely sometimes about eating it. Favorite lobster roll? Saltie Girl in Boston. Warm with butter.) If you’ve never read the modern North American history of the lobster, do. It’s like this-ish: Indigenous peoples harvested lobster for food and fertilizer for forever. It […]


My personal handwashing is up year over year by at least 300%. It may be higher or lower but, emotionally, 300% feels about right. It also feels correct to estimate that in addition to handwashing, a majority of personal habits have fluctuated wildly when compared to the Before Times. Sleep? Easily 20% up on average. […]


A very dear and very fabulous friend lives at the beach in LA. Being at her place always feels like vacation. The Pacific Ocean is just down the hill and the glorious sun is usually shining. If we’re working, the work feels light. At the beach house there’s a crystal chandelier over the dining table […]

Cheap Vacation

I found myself using the dictionary a lot in 2020. It felt like a good time to get precise with words.  For example, I used to say, when asked, that my long-term professional goal was “retirement.” We’d laugh, but now it feels like I just wasn’t in on the joke. retirement, n. The state or […]