A very dear and very fabulous friend lives at the beach in LA. Being at her place always feels like vacation. The Pacific Ocean is just down the hill and the glorious sun is usually shining. If we’re working, the work feels light.

At the beach house there’s a crystal chandelier over the dining table and on those frequent sunny days, for a brief part of the late afternoon as the sun drops toward the ocean, it catches the light rays and millions of tiny sparkly rainbows appear on the bright white interior.

The explosion is thrilling and glorious to behold. It also tends to immediately precede the moment we decide to turn it up and pop the Veuve Rosé, which the beach house always seems to have in stock.

It feels like a very special reminder to stop and appreciate a moment in time. And to feel gratitude that someone took such care to create that treat of a moment and to celebrate her, and us. 

Treat (noun):  an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

So, in an attempt to recreate a tiny sliver of the beach house experience, I got my own crystal. Just one – not even an entire chandelier – and it hangs in a window that sees sun far less frequently than the beach house does. But when the sun does decide to shine, I watch the rainbows, think of my friend, and decide what fabulous treat comes next.

Main image and video: photo in pink frame copyright homegirl since ‘93 Ashley Sophia Clark